How to use IGTV to increase engagement on Instagram?

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What is IGTV?

IGTV is Instagram TV, a new app which enables influencers and other brands to create Instagram TV channels so they can share content; sharing video content helps to promote brands, so it is very important to know and understand how the app works for creators to get as many Instagram TV views as possible. This Instagram app can be used to watch long, vertical videos from Instagram users. IGTV is a standalone app, but Instagram users can join in IGTV views from within the Instagram app itself as the IGTV icon is found at the top-right corner if your Instagram screen, making it accessible. The link-up between Instagram TV and Instagram ensures that the over one billion users on the later app can tune in and view videos. With the favorite video giant Youtube having similar features of long-form videos, tech experts have pointed out that IGTV could be Instagram’s answer to Youtube, as it ensures that users’ can watch multiple videos which are in a queue because the next video auto-plays. This is one of the features that are seen to attract users to this app and extend the time they spend on the app hence, more IGTV views.

IGTV app also allows creators to upload lengthy videos of up to 60 minutes, in a vertical full-screen format and these videos can be uploaded straight from a user’s phone or from a computer. Once the app is opened a video begins to play directly, then you can swipe to move to the next video and scroll up to find content. You can also search for videos using a provided search tab.

IGTV has channels, which a user can tune into, and these channels are directly connected to Instagram accounts and can be easily accessed from the Instagram TV app at any given time. The video quality on IGTV is very good, and the title of the video can be seen clearly with the brand’s name and account information well displayed. When compared to live videos, IGTV content has higher quality as it allows creators to film sessions and upload them at their own convenient times to the Instagram TV channel.

How can you use IGTV to increase engagements on your Instagram account?

The main goal for a creator or user is to gain as many IGTV views and likes as possible from the beginning, knowing it will be source teems of sakes and future channel monetization. To this effect, it is important to discover how to increase engagements on the platform.

  • Know your target audience

Knowing your audience very well to understand what videos to engage them with makes IGTV a perfect platform. Generally, Instagram is a perfect platform you can use to reach out for all kinds of desirable customers, and it has its popularity among all generations of digital users so such demographics will favor any experiments extremely. A very impressive number of social network users have Instagram accounts, and most of these users check their accounts regularly/ every day. Instagram statistics show that the platform is experiencing continuous growth and its market share has significantly increased in recent years, so be sure that you have an audience when choosing to use the platform.

It is important to know what your Instagram followers and other related users are fond of before choosing to upload videos on your Instagram TV channel. For example, if you own or run a daycare center, your target audience will be parents so it would be reasonable to create a channel where you upload unique videos of kids art, craft, fun times and nursery rhymes, etc. This will interest your existing and potential customers as well as other users increase your IGTV views and move them to view and like posting on your Instagram account more frequently.


  • Be creative with IGTV in mind

Remember that Instagram TV deals with vertical videos so it will be erroneous to think that you can upload your videos from Youtube to Instagram TV by rotating a horizontal video or filling the top and bottom of the videos with bars because these videos will look horrible. One remarkable feature of IGTV is that bit offers a perfect and coherent viewing experience, so do not cause discomforts to your audience by making them flip their phones to watch your videos.

IGTV’s vertical video format won’t allow you to cover much of your environment so you can get creative by taking multiple shots of the space or surrounding you find yourself in and put them in frames.


  • Post Informational and entertaining videos

When used for close-up shots, INSTAGRAM TV’s vertical video format offers limitless opportunities to be creative. As brands use Instagram TV to create tutorials and how-to videos, they are changing the face of film quality which attracts engagements from Instagram users. You can offer a wide selection of how-to videos in a video format that includes some light music without speech. Use impressive close-up views to offer instructions in a tutorial that shows gradual instructions in place of verbal directions with a fast yet steady film to steal the attention of your viewers.

The use of tutorials on Instagram TV is a very good way to use this platform, and you can make your videos unique by being experimental with its features such as special effects, colors and camera angles. When you are informational and innovative, your videos stand a higher chance of gaining Instagram TV views.

As earlier said, when you really know your audience to get them engaged, it makes Instagram TV a perfect platform and sharing entertaining videos is a good way to keep them even more engaged. The purpose of some contents is just to entertain viewers and allow them to take a peek into videos that might be unusual or bizarre yet funny, fascinating and trending. Feel free to post such videos and watch how your Instagram TV views increase.


  • Strengthen your Insta-IGTV relationship

As you invest a lot of time on this new Instagram TV platform, do well to engage your Instagram followers with your videos and downloading the app will be very important or useful. You can lead your Instagram followers to main contents on your IGTV channel by putting up some video teasers on Instagram. This inter-relationship increases activity and engagements on your Instagram and IGTV, and resultantly giving you more Instagram TV views.


  • Buy Instagram TV views

It has become obvious by specialists that in marketing, buying IGTV views is one good promotional strategy which should be used with skill and knowledge. However, some others see buying Instagram TV views as an unnecessary and exorbitant activity, and such a viewpoint is completely inaccurate. The importance of buying IGTV views is even more evident as the platform’s user base continues to grow and evolve. Services or apps that offer help in taking your IGTV views higher are available, so you can buy Instagram TV views from those that are trusted.  If you want drip feed followers or IGTV Views, you may go here.